Director-General of the National Gugak Center 김태숙

To everyone who treasures traditional culture and art, we sincerely thank you for visiting the National Gugak Center.

National Gugak Center is the cultural art institute that has
carried over a thousand years of tradition and history since its
beginnings as “Eumseongseo” in the Kingdom of Silla.

The National Gugak Center has continued to appropriately preserve and
passed down traditional art and carried out creative efforts on a tradi
tional foundation by dividing regions with the new establishment of the
Namwon National Gugak Center, Jindo National Gugak Center, and Busan
National Gugak Center.

In addition, we will constantly strive to seek modern values and
a futur istic outlook in traditional art.
The National Gugak Center will make every effort to naturally blend
traditional art into our lives and to proudly share our culture through the
world stage.

Thank you.