Performance Groups

Brief on Art of Traditional Performances(寶庫)

The National Gugak Center has preserved a variety of culture and art resources including court music that has been passed down from generation to generation, folk music and dance, as well as new Korean music that will be the tradition of the future. The tradition and reinterpretation of performances by the National Gugak Center will broaden the prospects of “contemporary and current” music and ”upcoming and futuristic” music and will open the comprehensive world of music.
The 4 performance groups of the National Gugak Center – the Court Music Orchestra, Folk Music Group, Dance Theater, and Contemporary Gugak Orchestra – feature the most skilled performers and are the performance driving force to develop the court music and dance performed at royal palaces, private music played by enthusiasts, and other folk music played in people’s everyday life into current and contemporary arts.

  • Court Music Orchestra
  • Folk Music Group
  • Dance Theater
  • Contemporary Gugak Orchestra