• 1. Yeak-dang
  • 2. Umyeon-dang
  • 3. Yonhee Art
  • 4. Museum of Gugak
  • 5. Damsowon
  • 6. Gugak Education
  • 7. Outdoor
    Experience Plaza

Museum of Gugak


An 800-seat medium-large size theater where the stage of old courtyard atmosphere and the Bangpai-kite-shaped acoustic reflector are in harmony with the traditional art displayed on the stage

Food Court :

Located on the first level of Yeak-dang at National Gugak Center
- Beverages : Hand-dripped coffee, Americano, Various Drinks, Traditional Teas, Ice Cream, etc.
- Food : Waffles, Sandwiches, Honey Butter Bread, Hot Dogs, Cake Slices, Muffins, Cookies, etc.
- Hours of Operation : For Yeak-dang Performance 09:30 ~ 22:00, Monday - Saturday 09:30~20:00,
Sunday 11:00~20:00
- Capacity : About 70 seats including terrace seats
- Tel. : 02-3486-8182.


A 300-seat small theater that helps create vivid and engaging performances by narrowing the space between the stage and the audience

3Yonhee Art Theater

A 1,300-seat outdoor theater surrounded by Mt. Umyeon in Seocho-dong

4Museum of Gugak

Gugak Museum is under renovation from 28. May. 2018. The museum will reopen at the first half of 2019.


Cafeteria located on the first basement level of the Administration and Practice Building at the National Gugak Center
- Hours of Operation : Weekdays - Lunch 11:30~13:00, Dinner 17:30~18:30
(Open for lunch on Mondays and Saturdays. but closed on Sundays and Holidays.)
- Capacite : 248 sieges
- Tel. : 02-580-3164

6Gugak Education Center

learning place for Koreans and foreigners that offers a variety of Gugak educational programs, including teachers’ duty training, lessons for teens, family lectures, and Gugak culture school, to promote understanding of Gugak

7Outdoor Experience Plaza

A place where visitors can learn how to play traditional percussion instruments (Jing, Janggu, Kkwaenggwari, drum, etc.) and experience folk games (Jegichagi, Tuho)