Take a fun Gugak journey with our museum tour guide “Gugak-i”!  - “Gugak-i” is a tour guide robot that will tell you stories about our traditional music through interesting video footage.

Hours of Operation : Tuesday ? Saturday, twice a day
※ No service on Sundays and Holidays.
For : Elementary school students and adults (15 people or less)
What : Permanent Exhibition Hall (2nd floor) Video commentary on Gugak achieves
How to apply
- In Korean : On-site registration (Information Desk at the Museum)
- In foreign languages (English/Chinese/Japanese) : Please call to make a reservation prior to your visit
Contact Us : 02-580-3130 / www.gugak.go.kr

※ Depending on the maintenance schedule of the robot, the hours of operation are subject to change.
Please visit our website of the National Gugak Center and check our notices before your visit.