National Gugak Center, 2364, Nambusunhwan-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea Zip: 06757




But, the 5th-day-no-driving system applied on Monday - Friday 09:00~18:00
(This rule no longer takes effect after 18:00, and on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays)
Mondays: No cars with license plates ending with 1 or 6 are allowed.
(Tuesdays: License plates ending with 2 or 7 or not allowed)


Please use public transportation as parking is limited during showtimes.
(When the lot is full, please park at other places such as the Seoul Arts Center at the driver’s own expense.)


City Bus

City Bus

g Green Bus (Local line) No. 5413 (National Gugak Center / Raemian Art Hill)

b Blue Bus (Main Line) No. 142, No. 406 (National Gugak Center / Raemian Art Hill)

r Red Bus No. 1500-2 (Bangbae-dong Raemian Art Hill / National Gugak Center)

Express Bus

M5532 (Osan - Sadang), Get off in front of the National Gugak Center



  • 2

    Line No. 2 Bangbae Station (Turn around No. 1 Exit and next to MR. Pizza) Take thea town shuttle bus, Seocho No. 7, Seocho No. 15, or Seocho No. 17

  • 7

    Line No. 7 Naebang Station (Exit No. 3) Take the town shuttle bus, Seocho No. 7 or Seocho No. 15

  • 3

    Line No. 3 Nambu Bus Terminal Station (Exit No. 5) Take the town shuttle bus of No. 22

Shuttle Bus

After the show

Depart (National Gugak Center) → Seocho Station (Exit No. 1) → Seoul National University of Education Station (Exit No. 14) → Nambu Bus Terminal Station (In front of Hyundai Securities Building) → Arrive (National Gugak Center)
※ Parking lot at the rear gate, announcement is made after the show is over (departing 15 minutes after the show)