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국립국악원홍보영상 - Repository of Gugak, the Korean Traditional Music and Dance Beyond the Thousand Years of History Art / Music / Repository of Tradition / Cradle of the Future Music... / for some people is... / healing / relaxation/ play / life Music is a part of our lives, always.

The National Gugak Center is the headquarters for Korean traditional performing arts.

Music always has been with us throughout Korea’s 5,000–year history.

The spirit of Korean traditional music, the artistic expressions of our emotions, is very much alive in the various music and dances presented by the National Gugak Center.

The National Gugak Center maintains a variety of assets ranging from the long standing traditions of royal court music and dance including the court music, dance and folk music, as well as the contemporary traditional music which will be the new tradition of our future.

Our performing traditions and reinterpretations open a vast new dimension by broadening the scope of music made in "here and now" with that "has yet to come".

There are four exclusive and pre-eminent performing groups in the National Gugak Center.

They are the Court Music Orchestra, Folk Music Group, Dance Theater and Contemporary Gugak Orchestra. the National Gugak Center's outstanding artists feature the music and dances of the royal palaces as well as the folk music that has been the part of daily lives of the common people.

Furthermore, by conducting the researches of the long tradition, we not only bolsters the preservation and transmission of it, but also elevates these treasure to entirely new heights.
In addition, the National Gugak Center offers diverse educational programs to promote Korean traditional music at home and abroad.

The National Gugak Center's history dates back to over 1,400 years ago as“Eumseongseo”, the royal institution of Silla dynasty.
We strive to create the new tradition of arts based on the old and contribute to world culture.

The National Gugak Center is always striving to bring back the traditional arts into our daily lives and promote them further to the rest of the world.