• A. If you made your payment by credit card online, please visit our website(www.gugak.go.kr). You can manage your seat information online.

    If you paid with the option of deposit without an account or if you made your reservation via telephone, please call 02-580-3300 (Customer Support Team) for the management during the available period. No fee will be charged for rearrangement of your reservation.

    If you bought your ticket on site, please visit our Center (Pungnyu Sarangbang, 1F, Customer Support Team) during the period in which ticket management is available. The workhour of our Customer Suppoer Team is: 09:00 AM ~ 06:00 PM, Mon ~ Sat (we do not work during official holidays)

  • A. Please follow this procedure:



    1. Menu Bar -> Tools -> Internet Options

    2. Security -> Click “Custom Level” Button

    3. Enable the option of “Allow script-initiated windows without size or position constraints”

    4. Close the Windows Explorer and run the browser again


    ※ AMEX (American Express) is not available to use.

  • A. Reservation is not available for lay members during the pre-booking period for paid-up members. Lay members can make their reservation after the period ends.

  • A. You can check and manage your reservation info by accessing via the “nonmember log-in” option.

  • A. It may be a performance which is not open its reservation system yet. Or, it may be a performance not hosted by our Center. If the show is not hosted by the Center, the information is noticed within the title.