Closed - Call for Application: Fellowship in Study of Traditional Korean Music (5 months Residency Program)

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The National Gugak Center hosts an international fellowship program for young professionals in the field of music including composers, traditional musicians, ethnomusicologists, music educators, etc. This program is part of the Cultural Partnership Initiative (CPI) program ( which is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Korea.
1. Period
- July. 3 ~ Nov. 24, 2017 (5 months, dates of entry to and leave from Korea can be discussed.)
2. Participants
  - 3 persons
3. Program
  - Studio workshops and trainings of musical instruments, vocal, etc.
  - Individual research in Korean traditional music
  - Attending International Gugak Workshop (2-week intensive theory & studio workshop)
  - Collaboration with musicians of NGC
  - Korean language course (mandatory)
  - Cultural field trips
  - Completion presentation
* The specific program depends on the field of interest of the participant and one's fellowship proposal.
 4. Qualification
  - Individuals who work in music related fields (music professors, lecturers, ethnomusicologists, music instructors, composers, etc.)
  - Age between 25 and 45 and with Asian nationality
  - Fluent in English
5. Benefits
  - Roundtrip flights (economy class): from the airport near the participant’s place of residence to Seoul, Korea. Participant must purchase their own flight tickets. The flight fare will be reimbursed after his/his arrival in July.
  - Accommodation (university dormitory)
  - Monthly living expense (900,000 KRW) to cover food, taxes, transportation, etc. (The amount can change according to the 2017 CPI program guideline. Any change made will be noticed on the website and applicants.)
  - Lesson fee for studio workshops
  - Korean language class (200 hours / mandatory)
  - Traveler's insurance
6. How to apply
  - Required documents: Application form (attached), Fellowship Proposal (attached), CV, degree certificate, a copy of passport, recommendation letter(s)
  - Application period: ~ May 22
  - Send all the documents to
  - The selection result will be notified individually by May 26.
7. Commitments and Regulations
Activities provided during the program must be in accordance to the original intent. Participants can be discharged from the program when engaged in profit-gaining activities or violating domestic law. The final report or performance must be submitted (presented) by the end of the program.
The CPI Secretariat will provide general orientations regarding the CPI program, cultural field trips, farewell party, and other events sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism. All participants are expected to join the events.
For more information, please contact:
Baewon LEE
Promotion Division
Tel: +82-2-580-3054
National Gugak Center International Projects Facebook Page: