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Contemporary Gugak Orchestra

Our Contemporary Gugak Orchestra was established in 2004 in order to develop “creative Gugak” based on the transmitted traditional music as well as to produce new performances which reflect the musical need of our era. As shown in the catchphrase of the orchestra is , it has tried to study and develop the direction of the creative music composition and play based on the preexisting tradition of creative music of our National Gugak Center.

The first performance in 2004, , tried to show the future direction of the Orchestra and creative music. Since 2005, the orchestra had held concert series in which the existing and rediscovered masterpieces had been performed. concert since 2014 staged a chamber-style performances in which the performers has shown their own compositions, arrangement and development of play style, through which individual members of the orchestra could express their own musical vitality. In 2017, our orchestra participated in “Pacific Rim Music Festival” held in Santa Cruz, USA, and premiered various artworks by US composers. The names of music directors are as follows: No Bu Yeong, Gwak Tae Heon, Gong Wu Yeong, Ryu Heyong Seon, and (currently) Gye Seong Won.

  • List of Selected Performances

    2004 <Tuning up the World: Dialogue> 2005 <Invitation to Masterpieces> 2005 <Sounds, Harmonized> 2006 <Summer Made up of Six Colors> 2007 <Listen to the Passionate Soul for Art of Masters> 2008 <Space: Drawing the Taste of Sounds> 2010 <Beyond the Boundaries of Creative Gugak> 2010 <Yearning after Maehwa flower> 2012 <Korean Music Dreamed by Masters>
  • 2013 <Ariring, Soaring up> 2015 <Sanjohajo> 2016 <Seeing, Hearing, Approching> 2017 Participation in <Pacific Rim Music Festival> 2017 Gugak Fantasia Meets Movie <Ggokdu> 2018 <Praying for Connection> 2019 <Twelfth night> 2020 <New Year's Gugak Concert - Urul-chang-chang> 2021 <Saturday Gugak Concert>
  • 2010 - 매화를 흐놀다
  • 창작악단 - 이면을 빚다
  • 2015 - 산조하조
  • 2016 - 보다 듣다 다가오다
  • 창작악단 - 4월, 희망의 二夜記
  • 2017 - 환태평양(작은 버전)
  • 2018 - 이음을 위한 기원
  • 창작악단(2018 - Prime & Passion)
  • 2019 - 어린이날 기획공연 가족국악극 십이야
  • 2020 - 울울창창
  • 2021 - 토요명품