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Thursday Pungnyu Concert
Thursday Pungnyu Concert

  • Period

    2018-03-08 ~ 2018-12-13

  • Dates


  • Venues

    Pungnyu Sarangbang

  • Host

    National Gugak Center

  • Duration


  • Price

    ALL 20,000 won


    [풍류사랑 패키지]

    목요풍류 2회차 동시 예매 시 30% 할인

    [국립국악 won 유료회 won]

    - 유료회 won 공연 초청권 사용 가능
    - 으뜸회 won 50%(공연당 5매)
    - 버금회 won 30%(공연당 5매)


    [50% 할인]

    - 경로우대자/국가유공자/장애인(1인 2매)
    - 한국교총회 won(1인 2매)
    - 문화누리카드 소지자(기초생활수급자, 차상위계층/ 본인)

    - 외국인(여권, 외국인등록증, 학생증 등 증빙자료 지참/ 1인 4매)

    [30% 할인]

    - 청소년 할인(8세~24세,대학생/ 본인)
    - 예술인 패스 소지자(본인)
    - 병역명문가 할인(1인 2매)

    [20% 할인]
    - 임산부(산모카드 소지자 / 본인)
    - 다둥이 행복카드 소지자(구성 won 모두)
    - 문화릴레이 티켓 할인(1매 2인)
    - 일반 20명 이상 단체

    ** 중복 할인 불가
    ** 할인적용 시 신분증 및 증빙자료 지참
    ** 미지참 시 현장 차액발생

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Thursday Pungnyu Concert helps the audience to appreciate the nuance and differences in the voices of top-class gugak performers while enjoying the vivid resonances of traditional musical instruments

The indoor floor-seating arrangement enhances the interaction between the performers and the audience.


What is Pungnyu?

It refers to enjoying the scenery of nature by reciting poems, singing or playing musical instruments, etc., which has been popular during the Joseon Dynasty.



8 Mar

Masters’ musical instrument performance

Geomungo Sanjo (Gab-deuk Han style) – Jae-hwa Lee

Gayageum Sanjo (Geum-yeon Seong style) – Sung-ja Jee

15 Mar

National Namdo Gugak Center

Jindo Sitgimgut,

A shamanist ritual for cleansing the soul of deceased persons and helping them easily cross over to the afterlife, which is originated from Jindo Island

22 Mar

Masters’ musical instrument performance

The Conservation Society of Seoul Intangible cultural assets No.41 (Samhyeon-yukgak)

- Sinawi, Chwita-pungnyu among Dae-pungnyu

The Conservation Society of National intangible cultural assets No.72 (Jindo Sitgimgut)

- A song for the living

29 Mar

National Minsok Gugak Center

Choonhyang Story,

a play adapted from the Pansori Choonhayng-ga, featuring the love story between Choonyhang and Yi Mong-ryong

5 Apr

Masters’ musical instrument performance

Sang-yeongsan, Jajin-hanip, Cheongseong-gok, Todeuri, Hahyeon-todeuri through Kunak among Yeongsan-heosang

- Jae-kuk Jeong (Piri), Jong-jin Hong & Jo-byeong Chae (Dae-Geum), Jong-gil Lee (Gayageum)

12 Apr

Our beloved court music Pungnyu

Hamnyong-jigok, Chwitaepyong-jigok, Woojo Dugeo, Hyangbal-mu, Haegeum solo, Suyangsan-ga, Jeonpye-heemoon (ritual music at Jongmyo shrine)

Performers: The Court Music Orchestra of the National Gugak Center

19 Apr

Masters’ singing performance

Beautiful songs listed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

Performers: Young-kee Kim, Dong-kyu Lee, Jeong-kyu Lee

26 Apr

Masters’ singing performance

A variety of folk songs including Gayageum Sanjo (Gong-cheol Seo style), Gayageum Byeongchang Heungbo-ga, Twelve Gyeonggi Japga, bright and cheerful Gyeonggi folk songs, crystal-clear and vibrating folk songs from western North Korea

Performers: Jeong-sook Kang, Kwang-sook Kim, Hye-ran Kim


How to make a reservation

Telephone Reservations: 02-580-3300 (time available: from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM)

*Please bring your passport, alien registration card or student card to pick up tickets.

Mar 8(Thu) - Jun 30(Thu)

All seats 20,000 won

* 50% discount for every foreigner